Brand strategy, visual identity, naming.
Communication, design, print, web.


Alessandro Rabatti

Creative director

Always looking for the creative spark that can generate a creative concept.
Considering the communication as global language and team work a continuous incentive, his experience in the visual field goes from paper to digital, form illustration to art.


Mattia Donati

Art Director

Getting things done it’s his belief.
Graphic Designer and illustrator, he loves to experiment with old and new media looking for visual stimuli.


Matteo Cuppone

Art Director

Lettering enthusiast he’s always update on graphic new trend to realize dynamic visual identities starting from logotype to web design creation.


Giulia Ciabatti

Art Director

As a graphic designer she cares very passionately about everything she does. Always hungry to learn, her aim is keep on looking at usual things with unusual eyes: curiosity about life in all its aspects is the real secret of great creative people.


We manage any kind of media.


Silvia Bargelli

Graphic designer

She is keen of the publishing world in all its forms, starting from printing techniques up till the careful choice of materials. She believes that simplicity is the best way to communicate in a effective manner.


Umberto Daina

3D artist

Multidisciplinary artist and 3D illustrator, his aim is to create visual short circuits, minimals and surreals. He is professor of 3D Animation at Accademia Italiana in Florence.


Chiara Tomassetti

Web manager

Experienced web designer, she takes care of the online image of several corporates and their search engine visibility. A web architect that combines programming with functional aesthetic design and the organization of accessible contents.


Carlo Bigazzi

Graphic designer

Currently employed in the production of executive graphic materials for printing and web utility. Mainly interested in the use of communication to make divulgation sources about historical and cultural topics.


Davide Bischeri

Producer / Photographer

Thanks to his passion for art he faces, since childhood, with different creative writing techniques, the camera on top of that. He loves creative photography, where the message arise from a precise idea, and the quality is clearly an ensemble of form and content


Denny Di Pasquantonio


In the continuous search of new forms and colors, he tries to give life to new ideas through the use of vectors and geometries shapes in his illustrations. Passionate about design, web and vintage posters.


Andrea Gnesutta

Digital media producer

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

A. Nin


Luca Battiato

Graphic and web designer

Always interested in visual communication, he deals with various branches of graphic design. At the same time he discovers his innate aptitude for motion graphics, in which he is gradually specializing. His commitment equip him to be able to improve and adapt to every project.


Marina Baumgartner

Journalist and copywriter

Writing and communication in all its forms are the driving forces of her life. She has collaborated with the most important italian leisure and lifestyle newspapers. She is professor of Communication and Event management in international master.


A whole team focused on your business.


Massimo Vichi

Digital marketing strategy

IT professor since 1991, from 1998 he embraced the “cause of web”, both as teacher and advisor. His goal is to use digital communication tobring corporates and their business on the web.


Monica Tanganelli

Sales and marketing manager

Marketing is where she finds the satisfactions of successes, where to make ends meet. Thanks to a consulting approach with customers and the analysis of winning strategies, she brings surplus to creativity, communication and design.


Luisa Zuffo

Project manager

Event producer hooked for budget plans, she specializes in business administration. Strong team player and problem solving oriented, she supports the achievement of the team’s performance goals.
Organization, planning and multitasking are her core values.


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