Arianne is the solution for tracking and tracing textiles throughout industrial laundry processes. 
Traceability of items is achieved through the use of RFID tags inserted into laundry items.​​​​​​​

The first element of the concept is a line, a segment, represented as a ribbon, our Arianna’s thread, or the logical reasoning that leads Theseus easily through the complicated labyrinth.

The second element is a triangle, the A of Arianne.

The combination of these two geometric figures (line + triangle) is the abstract representation of the Arianne’s thread: a parallelogramThe thread, coming alive and folding up, shapes the final logo: the A of Arianne.

Netstudio S.p.A
Brand identity, Digital art, Art direction

Umberto Daina – Art director
Patricia Schmiedigen – Copywriter